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Cha-M Milk have varieties of handcrafted fun drinks. Each drink is mixed and hand-shaken to perfection, ensuring freshness with every sip. Made to order, our drinks are customized to your preferences, guaranteeing a personalized and unforgettable experience with every visit.



Milk tea with boba $6 / Caramel milktea $6/ Thai milktea $6 /Latte matcha $6 /Matcha Green tea $6 /Milk Jasmine green tea $6 /Cocao milk tea $6 /Coffe milk tea $6 / Taro milk tea $6 / Banana milk tea $6 /Cantaloupe milk tea $6 /Fresh milk with boba $6 / Pink latte $6 /Jasmine green tea $6/ Taiwan black tea $6 /Lemon honey green tea $6/Lyncher green tea $6 /Honeydew melon tea $6/ Apple green tea $6/ Strawberry green tea $6/ Passion fruit green tea $6/ winter melon tea $6/ plum fruit green tea $6

Topping choices

Topping boba Free /Grass jelly $1/ Coconut jelly $1/ Jelly $1/ add boba $1 / Pudding $1/ Red bean $1/ Jelly boba $2

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