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Discover the variety of Thai desserts at Aileen's Homemade, where everything is made with love. Indulge in timeless classics alongside unique fusion desserts, all made from scratch. Try the crispy perfection of Thai crepes and the comforting warmth of the sweet, chewy pandan pancakes. There are also vegan and vegetarian options.



Mango Sticky Rice $10.00 (vegan, Vegetarian, GF) Thai Style Crispy crepe $12.00 (Vegan up to filling) Mini Pancake (Vegan) $8.00 (Vegan).  Pandan Crispy Waffle $10.00 (Vegan). 

Pandan Hot Cake $6.00 ( Vegan).  Kaya Toast $9.00.  Steam bun 3  pieces  $7.00. 

Coconut Cake $8.00

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