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twin house

Welcome to Twin House, where grilled delights are our specialty, served with love by a pair of lovely twin sisters.

Indulge in our Thai Sashimi Salad, a fusion of fresh fish slices with a side of rice and salad. Choose from Tuna, Salmon, or Kampachi for a refreshing start to your meal.

For a heartier option, try our Thai Hanachi Grill. Sink your teeth into tender Hanger Steak or savor the succulence of Tiger Prawn Skewers, Salmon Collar, or Kampachi Collar, all expertly grilled to perfection.

And be sure to ask about our Specials, available in limited quantities each night. From mouthwatering Whole Tomahawk Steak to decadent Lobster, there's always something special waiting to delight your palate at Twin House.



•Thai Sashimi salad (Choose fish) Come with small side of rice and salad

      Tuna • salmon • Kampachi

   - 5 Slices $12 (Choose 1 fish ) - 8 Slices $ 16 (Choose 2 fish) - 12 Slices $20 ( Combination )

•Thai Hanachi Grill Come with small side of rice and salad

     Hanger steak 6oz $14 -Tiger prawn skewer $14 -Salmon skewer $14 -Kampachi collar $13 -Salmon collar $13 •Specials Limited number per night Come with small side of rice and salad

     Whole Tomahawk $65 -Half Lobster $30 -Whole Lobster $50

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