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Stop by Sao Ha Cafe and experience the flavors of Bangkok's renowned Chinatown right here in Los Angeles. From freshly made soy milk to warm fish maw soup to pork congee. Treat yourself to our freshly made Pa-Tongko served with condensed milk or savor the best Khao Sao in the city. At Sao Ha Cafe, there's everything you need to keep you warm and full.


Drinks :

Soy Milk $5 .  Soy been Black Sesame Soy Milk $6.  Roasted black sesame mixed with soy milk .

Ginger Juice $5.


Dough Sticks (Pa-Tongko) $1.  Fried bun Salapao $1 7.  Pandon custard $2 . Condensed milk $1 


Rice Porridge Pork (Congee) $10

  -Jasmin rice, Bouncy pork balls, Egg, Fresh ginger slices, Green onions, Black peppers, Soy sauce

Fish Maw Soup $12

  -Chicken broth, Fish maw, Quail eggs, Bamboo, Shiitake mushroom, Chicken slices, Cilantro, Black pepper

Khao Soi (Northern Style Curried Noodle soup with chicken or Totu $12, with Beef $14)

   -Yellow curry broth, Eggs noodles, Crispy eggs noodles, Chicken legs, Mustard green pickled, Red onions, Chili oil, Lime, Cilantro

Grilled :

Chicken gizzard, heart and liver $3 per

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