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Siritong Foods

Siritong's Food offers a tantalizing fusion of Thai and Mexican flavors. Their Thai Fusion Tacos, including Chicken Satay, Thai BBQ Pork, and Fish Sauce Carne Asada, blend traditional Thai ingredients with a Mexican twist. These tacos are a must-try for those seeking bold and unique flavors. Each dish at Siritong's Food is carefully crafted to deliver a unique and flavorful experience that will leave you craving more.



Thai Tacos (3 Tacos for $10) Chicken Satay Tacos ($4).  Thai BBQ Pork Tacos ($4).  Fish Sauce Carne Asada ($5) . Chicken Chicharrones Caviar Umami Bite ($15).  Thai Grilled Chicken with Sticky Rice & Tamarind Sauce ($20). Flaming Wagyu Nahm Tok ($20).  Cheese Quesadilla Vegetarian ($10)

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