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YaYa Lao Thai Kitchen

YaYa Lao Thai Kitchen offers an authentic taste of Thailand and Laos, blending traditional recipes and cooking techniques to create dishes bursting with bold and vibrant flavors. From savory Pork Sausage to flavorful Pork Jerky and Beef Jerky, each dish captures the essence of these rich culinary traditions. The menu also includes staples like Sticky Rice and a variety of salads and specials, all prepared with the authentic taste of Thailand and Laos in mind. Whether you're a fan of Thai or Lao cuisine, YaYa Lao Thai Kitchen is sure to satisfy your cravings for authentic flavors



Nam Kow Tod/Crispy rice salad ($15) . Pork Sausauge ($12). Pork Jerky ($13) . Beef Jerky ($15) .

Nam pork belly ($15) . Pork belly salad ($17) . Sticky rice ($2) . Larb seen dip/ Beef salad ($25) .

Larb (Pork, Chicken) ($15). Grilled Beef salad ($18) . Grilled pork salad ($15) . Khao lam ($4)

Special items :

Fish curry noodle ($15) . Mee Kha Thi($15) . Beef noodle (Khao Poon Nham seen) ($15)

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