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roti bangkok & desserts

Welcome to Roti Dessert, where we specialize in crafting freshly made Thai-style Roti, each bite a delightful journey through Thailand's flavors.

Our Roti Original is a crispy or soft treat, featuring a drizzle of condensed milk, butter, and sugar. Or try our Roti Cinnamon Sugar for a sweet and spicy twist.

For a savory option, indulge in our Roti Chicken Mataba, filled with savory chicken goodness.

Sweet enthusiasts can enjoy combinations like Nutella and banana, or golden threads with condensed milk.

With options including Milo chocolate malt powder, almond conflake with condensed milk, hot fudge chocolate sauce with banana, and more, there's a flavor for every craving at Roti Dessert. Come savor the taste of Thailand with us today!



1.Roti original (condensed milk,butter,sugar) $10   ✅Crispy or ✅soft

2.Roti cinnamon sugar $10  ✅Crispy  or ✅soft 

3.Roti Chicken MATABA $15      4.Roti with egg $12    5.Roti with egg and banana $12   6.Roti with Nutella $12   7.Roti with Nutella and banana $12  8.Roti with golden thread (foi thong)+condensed milk $12   9.Roti with golden thread (foi thong)+raisin $12    10.Roti with Milo chocolate malt powder $12  11.Roti with almond conflake+condensed milk $12    12.Roti hot fudge chocolate sauce and banana $12   13.Roti with jelly ball + sprinkles+chocolate sauce $12   14.Roti with strawberries spread $12   15.Roti with orange marmalade $12   16.Roti with cheese $12  17.Roti with corn+cheese $12  18.Roti Dried Shredded chicken mayonnaise $12   19.Roti tuna mayonnaise $12  20.Roti tuna Cheese $12  21.Roti thai tea custard $12 

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