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If you're in the mood for something different from Thai cuisine, swing by Enjoy Eating Asian Street Food. Here, you can grab a hot bowl of Japanese Udon noodles, a satisfying Chicken Teriyaki bowl, or some handmade shrimp and pork Thai dumplings. It's your go-to spot for a variety of Asian flavors all in one place.



Takoyaki octopus balls $10. Crab Rangoon $10.  Shrimp Tempura $ 10.  Chicken karaage $10.

Shrimp & Pork Thai Dumpling $ 12.  Fish cake $12.  Fried squid leg $12.  Spicy bulgogi rice bowl $15.

Chicken teriyaki rice bowl $15.  Orange chicken rice bowl $15.  Chicken karaage kare rice $15. 

Shrimp tempura udon soup $15.

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