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Discover a diverse menu of Japanese dishes at Makinjang Sush. From classic favorites like Edamame to innovative creations like Dynamite Seafood Bowl, there's something for every palate. Indulge in Gyoza Chicken, Spicy Chicken Wings, or California Tempura Roll. Dive into comforting bowls of Tonkatsu Ramen or Tom Yum Seafood Ramen. Don't want Thai food? Come try Makinjang Sush for a delightful Japanese dining experience.



Edamame:$5 Gyoza Chicken 8pcs :$10.  Spicy Chicken Wing:$10.  Katsutojidon Chicken Cutlet Bowl (egg):$15.

Pork Chashu bowl (egg):$15.  Unagi Bowl (eel):$18.  Dynamite Seafood Bowl:$20.   Grilled Saba Bowl:$15.

Grilled Salmon Bowl:$15 . California tempura roll:$10.  Tonkatsu Ramen:$15.  TomYum Seafood Ramen:$20

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